We are really keen for you to try it out for your next event.
So much so, that we are offering the use of Slido for £199
if you book your event before the end of September.
Contact our sales team now: enquiries@1wimpolestreet.co.uk, 020 7290 2951.
(usual price is £250, this includes a technician who will
run and monitor the platform for you!)

As an event planner and conference organiser I am sure you are asking, what is Slido and why do you need it for your next event?

Slido is an audience interaction platform that will make sure your delegates can easily participate to ensure your event is able to address the most burning questions of the meeting/conference. It is a web only service, so your audience doesn’t need to download an app

It will allow event organisers to:

  • Crowd-source top questions for Q&A sessions

  • Get instant feedback via live polls
  • Share presentations, such as pdf documents with their audience in real-time
  • Prioritise comments and messages to be addressed (messages can be optimised by weighing the amount of likes and dislikes)

Slido’s focus is on simplicity, allowing organisers to create an event in less than a minute, while participants can join from any device with just one simple code. Since its foundation in 2012, Slido has helped to transform over 33,000 events in 100 countries by engaging tens of thousands of participants. Slido has been adopted by a number of renowned conferences such as SXSW, LeWeb and Pioneers Festival and has worked with high-profile clients including Eventbrite, Tesco, KPMG, UBM and Cisco.

Click the buttons below to see some really handy videos and tutorials available to help make the most of your Slido experience at 1 Wimpole Street

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Peter Komornik, Slido CEO comments:

“We’re extremely excited to be entering into our first venue partnership, with 1 Wimpole Street, a particularly unique venue as it hosts internal events and those for external clients. Their dedicated and professional in-house AV team made them stand out, giving us peace of mind that Slido will give attendees and organisers the best possible experience in encouraging audience interaction at every event, every time.”

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