Earth Day: Adapting a Sustainable Diet

Author Rellyson Guerra

Clock April 10, 2024

At 1 Wimpole Street, we are commitment to being ethical and sustainable, especially when it comes to the sourcing and preparation of our food.

Here are 4 simple things we do to reduce our carbon footprint:

  1. Sourcing high quality, local ingredients:

Serving great food is all about relationships, and particularly with our suppliers. That’s why we source fish from suppliers dedicated to promoting sustainability and minimising food miles. The butchers we use ensures that all produce is fully traceable using their automated barcode tracker; mainly sourcing fresh seasonal game from the UK. Our cheese supplier sources artisan products from small businesses and has the largest collection of British farmhouse cheeses in the UK.  

  • Choose low carbon foods:

We offer a range of plant-based selections in our menus so our clients can choose low carbon options such as swapping meat-based with plant-based menu items. Switching our diets from meat consumption to plant-based alternatives will not only reduce our carbon footprint but will also improve our health. By training our food service staff to be able to explain sustainable options to our customers, we will enhance the overall understanding of sustainability and spread awareness about the importance of making conscious dietary decisions.

  • Eating seasonally:

Our menus are based, where possible, on ingredients which are in season in the UK. This not only reduces the travel distance of ingredients, but it also enhances all the flavours of the dish. We are proud to be working with local suppliers based in the UK who share our opinion that the fewer the air miles, the tastier the food!

  • Reduce Food Wastage

Another important step to minimise food wastage is to accurately estimate the number of guests and portions served at the meetings and events. By doing this, we avoid excessive ingredients being purchased and prepared which would’ve otherwise gone to waste. We have also partnered up with Veolia UK to manage and dispose of our compostable waste in a sustainable manner.

These four simple, yet effective commitments have not only allowed us to be a more sustainable venue but allowed us to also provide efficiencies which have not impacted high quality products or services. This Earth Day, we encourage everyone to be more ecological in their actions, whether that be through their choice of venue, diet, transport, or simply spreading awareness.

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