Valentine’s Day at 1 Wimpole Street

Author 1Wimpole St Team

Clock February 12, 2024

Let’s talk about your heart

Whether you’re a couple seeking an impressive way to combine food and romance or a group looking to bond over a shared project or business dinner, 1 Wimpole Street has you covered!

Incorporate engaging team-building activities into your event to foster connections and enhance collaboration among attendees or hire one of our meeting rooms to build new or existing business relations.

Allow us to take care of the details while you focus on achieving your business objectives. Book your event now and create an experience that will leave attendees feeling appreciated, inspired, and connected. After all, love and success go hand in hand.

However, February isn’t only about heart shaped balloons and roses, but also the actual beating heart inside your body! This month is Heart Health Awareness Month, and we would like to encourage everyone to take a moment to check on themselves and the people around them.

Doing actionable things like monitoring your heart rate, engaging in aerobic exercises, managing stress, and incorporating nutritionally rich foods into your diet are all great ways to take charge of your heart health.

Remember, small changes can make a big difference when it comes to heart health. Let’s prioritise our hearts not just this month but also for the months after!

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