Conference & Meeting Room Audio Visual Technology

Our in-house experienced audio-visual team will work with you to suggest the best AV set-up and equipment for meeting your event objectives. They’ll be able to answer any technical questions, provide you with a demonstration or pre-event test. The auditoriums have the following audio-visual equipment as standard for your Conference:

  • Confidence monitors 
  • Ultra-High Definition 4K projector for multiple slide display (social media feeds, branding, speaker details, agenda, etc) 
  • Remote cameras with a 360 view for livestream, hybrid and virtual presentation to bring together the onsite and global audiences. (Cost TBC) 
  • Dedicated in-house audio-visual technician to support in controlling the screens, lighting, video recording, and sound as required. 
  • A wireless clicker 
  • An assisted listening system for delegates needing hearing support 
  • A minimalist, flexible stage layout is perfect for interviews, lectures, AGMs, panel discussions and presentations. 
  • A wireless clicker for moving slides on without having to be at your laptop 
  • Speaker confidence monitors 
  • An assisted listening system for delegates who need sound support 
  • A common-sense PA system, so you can transmit crystal-clear sound throughout the auditorium 
  • High speed wi-fi 

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