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Who We Are

1 Wimpole Street is one of London’s leading conference, and events venues. You can hire our rooms for conferences, meetings, training, away days, weddings and private events with flexible spaces for multi-use including seminars, business presentations, product launches, celebrations and seated dinners.

Here are the reasons why we’re a unique choice for your next event:

All In The Perfect Location

1 Wimpole Street is in London’s exclusive W1 district. Located in the heart of London on the corner of 1 Wimpole Street and Henrietta Place, 2 minutes from the hustle and bustle of the famous Oxford Street and Regent Street and nestled between Mayfair and Marylebone.


The Royal Society of Medicine, who own and operate 1 Wimpole Street, has a long and rich history as a cross-specialty society sharing medical and healthcare knowledge. It has seen prominent figures in medicine and science such as:

  • Charles Darwin, naturalist and biologist
  • Sigmund Freud, neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis
  • Jean-Martin Charcot, leading neurologist and discoverer of disorders such as Parkinson’s
  • Sir Alexander Fleming, awarded the Nobel Prize in 1945 for the discovery of penicillin
  • Thomas Addison, physician and discoverer of Addison’s disease

Coming to 1 Wimpole Street

Guests arriving at our idyllic location are welcomed by the distinct façade providing the perfect backdrop for unforgettable wedding day celebrations.

Both Oxford Circus and Bond Street underground stations are a 5 minute walk away. Between them, these stations have direct connections to all major London railway stations, providing guests with easy access whether they are travelling from within or outside of London

Frequently working with medical professionals at the highest levels means that we’re used to going above and beyond to provide exceptional, and even potentially life-saving, events services. So no matter what your event is, you can rely on us to deliver a great experience.

Our in-house AV team are extremely passionate about using AV technology to make your event unique, no matter how big or small.

Our long-standing links with the RSM give us a rich and unique history that’s reflected in rooms like the Marcus Beck Library and the ENT Room. But you don’t need to have a medical link to hire 1 Wimpole Street.

The provenance, freshness and seasonality of our ingredients means a great deal to us.

We source fish from suppliers dedicated to promoting sustainability and minimising food miles. The butchers we use can trace every link in their supply chain back to the farm. Our cheese comes from artisan makers in the UK who are passionate about their craft. Wherever possible, our chefs use fruit and vegetables from British growers. And all our hot beverages are supplied by importers who are as committed to the welfare of the growers as they are to the quality of the product.

Our team of chefs apply their imagination, passion and knowledge to ensure that the dishes they create are a delight to the eye and to the palate. For all our latest menus, see our Catering page, or call us to discuss bespoke options.

One Wimpole Street is owned and operated by the Royal Society of Medicine which is a not-for-profit charitable registered organisation and hosting your event at our venue guarantees investment in the continuing professional development of medical professionals.

Or rather, our building is. So we’ve got more than a century’s worth of rich heritage to share with you and your guests, while still providing them with all the cutting-edge technical facilities they could wish for.

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