Hybrid, Livestream & Virtual

Make 1 Wimpole Street your first choice for virtual, livestream and hybrid events and conferences

  • Potential to reach a wide national or global audience 
  • Reduce the overall cost per attendee 
  • Flexibility to switch between in-person and hybrid, virtual or online at short notice should COVID-19 measures change 
  • Bring together onsite and remote audiences through social interaction before, during and post event 
  • Reduced travel and environmental benefits 
  • Immediate audience feedback, polling and question interaction 


Our digitally experienced team can support you in finding the right solution for your event to go ahead whether you have attendees on-site or consider a hybrid solution whilst adding value to your attendees. 

1 Wimpole Street’s expert team has been using on-line meeting tools for over 10 years.  Highly experienced in delivering on-line events and conferences both with our corporate, charity and association clients and the Royal Society of Medicine’s educational content for medical professionals. 

  • Bring together physical and virtual audiences for a live collaborative experience 
  • Flexibility to switch between in-room or virtual attendee as your delegate numbers fluctuate 
  • Increase audience size and engagement 
  • Accessible on demand on multiple devices anywhere in the world, 24/7 
  • Cost effective proposition 
  • Prolong the life of the event, content can be replayed on-demand, continue to engage and promote your product or service 
  • Recorded content is a useful learning resource, a powerful marketing tool for promoting future events and aids the growth of an archive of historical data 
  • Access to statistical data, speaker ratings, online polls for instant feedback and post event analysis 
  • Opportunities for interactive group chat, networking lounges, workshops, video and interact in debates 
  • Create social networks using a #hashtag alongside the event to build lively discussion and interaction between presenters and delegates 
  • Save travel time and accommodation costs 
  • Contribute to reducing the carbon footprint 
  • Dedicated in-house audio-visual team to support speakers and delegates navigate and answer questions 
  • Secure and fast wi-fi connections 


This is not just simply placing your content on-line, it’s continuous professional tech support, on-line and in-person for organisers and presenters, it’s adding video content such as intros, outros, captions and professional editing and it’s adapting the on-line production to match your specific event and audience needs. 

 If you originally planned an all-day conference or similar you may want to consider the options for converting this to an on-line event. You can replicate the same format via continuous all-day webcast, split the content over separate sessions over multiple days or divide the content into a conference series over several days and even weeks. Even attendee networking can be facilitated with on-line tools. 

Take your event 100% on-line with our virtual packages. We will utilise multiple webinar platforms to deliver your content to potentially 1000’s of attendees (our largest audience was 7,500 on 29th July 2020) taking part from anywhere around the globe. We can also stream to Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin amongst other platforms. 

Our technicians will liaise with your presenters and meeting organisers, arrange practice and rehearsal sessions, give live support and meeting management as the admin host and ensure you deliver the best version of your event in an on-line format. 

Slides can be displayed alongside presenters, other options include a Q & A facility, simultaneous virtual break-out rooms for specified attendees, concurrent sessions, branding and recording with post-event editing and on-demand video. 

Make your event available to an online audience using our live-streaming equipment. Live streaming lets your viewers watch your event in real time, while on-demand streaming lets you upload a pre-recorded video to Vimeo or YouTube and stream to viewers to watch post-event. If you’re planning to talk about your event for some time to come, a live stream can really make a difference to its lifespan. 

We can easily and cost-effectively live-stream from any of our conference auditoriums, so you can broadcast your event to a global audience. We also have in-built HD video cameras so we can record your event for your audience to watch on-demand, and extend the life of your event for longer 

If you’d prefer to have a physical in-person event, with the ability to incorporate a virtual audience we recommend a hybrid solution. With reduced numbers you can focus on inviting your presenters and possibly some selected attendees to our central London venue at 1 Wimpole Street.  

A hybrid event enables our in-house team to add value to the production of the presentation sessions. Using professional cameras, lighting and management of the presenters we can simulate a broadcast studio format eliminating the vagaries of presenting by video call such as internet connectivity issues, poor audio or light, and management of who speaks and when. This would ensure the highest level of on-line experience for your virtual attendees. 

Our 3 conference auditoriums can link to live video and audio feeds, so you can collate multiple presentations and audiences across rooms.

Our in-house team are highly qualified in video production skills, a very useful asset for delivering your on-line event in a more professional and ‘slick’ format than a standard ‘Zoom Webinar’. This could even mean instead of a live event we can help you to create content for an on-demand only event for attendees to drop in and out to fit their schedule even if this is across time zones. 

We can add that ‘broadcast’ feel to the video content with editing of presentations, captions, customised animated intros, outros and backgrounds, additional interviews and other content. Editing and customised content creation can all be produced remotely by our technicians and video editors and reviewed and finalised on-line. 

All our packages will include a dedicated audio-visual technician who will work with you to  manage your delegate’s experience for a truly successful event. 1 Wimpole Street, winners of Hire Space Awards ‘Best all round use of Technology’ can easily and cost-effectively live-stream from any conference auditoriums, so you can broadcast your event to a global audience. Our audio visual facilities can bring your event to life and you don’t need to be a technical whizz to make the most of our high-spec AV technology during your event. We are expert in delivering meetings, training, presentations, away-days, workshops, product launches, conferences and events through: 

  • In-person 
  • Broadcasting 
  • Live streaming 
  • Video and Audio Conferencing 
  • Webcasting 
  • Hybrid 
  • Virtual 
  • Live Streaming 
  • Online Meetings 
  • Webinars 
  • Video production for on-demand viewing 
  • Video and Audio Recording


Talk to our team and find out more and discuss the best solution for your event. 

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