How to become an accessible and inclusive venue

Author Rellyson Guerra

Clock June 12, 2024

Whether you’re holding a dinner, a conference, or a meeting, inclusivity and accessibility will always be crucial aspects of a welcoming environment for any event. At 1 Wimpole Street, we provide accessible facilities to accommodate guests with mobility, visual and auditory impairments. Here are some things we do that you can implement in your venue and events too.

Ensuring our facilities are fully accessible to individuals with disabilities is a top priority for us. All our meeting and conference spaces are designed with this in mind, and all event floors in our building are serviced by lifts. Additionally, we have installed ramps to accommodate wheelchair users and guests with other mobility challenges.

Our three lecture theatres with a total capacity up to 500, are all fitted with removeable front row chairs to accommodate wheelchair users, and audio induction loops for those that use hearing aids or are hard of hearing. This ensures that all attendees can fully participate and engage in the event experience.

Accessible toilets are located in all main event spaces, for example on the ground floor beside the Max Rayne Atrium, on the mezzanine floor in the RSM library and one cubical in each of the male and female toilets located on the lower ground floor that are suitable for ambulant disabled persons. These toilets are also fitted with strobe fire alarms to alert guests who are deaf or hard of hearing in the case of an emergency.

Guide dogs, and dogs with specific training, are very welcome to attend events! Our main reception has water bowls available upon request for our furry friends. All our staff receive training on diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility to better support and accommodate the diverse needs of our guests.

For more information on One Wimpole Street’s accessibility, take a look at the link below:

Accessibility | 1Wimpole Street

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