Week 5 – Guy Whittle Auditorium Refurbishments

Author 1Wimpole St Team

Clock March 31, 2017

We are thrilled to report that the high tech installations in the Guy Whittle Auditorium are now in the final stages with the last few elements being wrapped up this week.  The very impressive and large 4k ultra HD, high brightness projector has been fitted to the ceiling rigging.  It sits alongside its predecessor which looks rather tiny in comparison now.

Over the course of the summer month’s £180,000 has been invested on installing a range of new state-of-the-art audio visual features which we’ve been talking about these last few weeks.  This has included remodelling and extending the stage, positioning a new and much larger screen canvas, renovating the stage furnishings, the top table and lectern so they can be moved or removed entirely from the stage with ease.

Left: Before – static furniture and smaller screen not able to show content on the edges
Right: After- extended stage with removable furniture and much more open all covering screen

This new screen coupled with the 4K projector enables presentations to fill the entire canvas of the screen, taking up the whole of the back wall.  The new equipment will be able to display multi-source ‘slides’ simultaneously.  For example the left, right and bottom of the screen will be able to show different information to that of the slides on the screen.  These could display branding, social media feeds, agendas or presenter details.

All these new features enable us to allow our clients to showcase enhanced interactive content, and offer our delegates an increasingly immersive experience delivering high quality images and video.

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