Week 3 – Guy Whittle Auditorium Refurbishments

Author 1Wimpole St Team

Clock March 31, 2017

Last week and this week there have been lots of behind the scene works taking place iin our largest room, the Guy Whittle Auditorium:

The cables for the new 4K projector and surround sound system have been installed throughout the auditorium.  These originate from the AV tech room situated at the very back of the events space.  There are currently miles and miles of cables being installed through the ceiling.  Previously our DMX lighting was run on a wireless system, having a cabled system will ensure there is no dropouts or interference with other sources or signals and that there will be a permanent unbroken connection.

Speakers have been installed, there are now over eight throughout the lecture theatre all running via five new amps situated in the AV tech room.

The team were only this morning testing the new sound and the quality and clarity was truly amazing and exceptional.

One remote camera has been moved to a better position in the auditorium.  These will help provide practically a 360 view ideal for creating unobstructed live streaming and video conferencing events and recordings.  We will also be adding another new camera behind the lectern to give us the ability to capture audience shots.

Two new LED lights called Robe Viva have been installed these white LED lights give an extra punchy beam, plus vivid and radiant colours can be applied from two colour wheels as well as rotating or static gobos added for projections and mid-air effects.

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Stay tuned for our next week’s blog and find out what happened this week.

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