Thrilled to announce our new TEC Room!

Author 1Wimpole St Team

Clock May 28, 2019

We’re thrilled to announce our new Technology Enhanced Collaboration room at 1 Wimpole Street!

The TEC room is a unique meeting space at 1 Wimpole Street. The award winning in-house AV team along with our preferred suppliers (CDEC) have fitted out the room with the latest state of the art meeting room technology to facilitate collaborative work.

Bring your own device (BYOD) is encouraged, with both displays allowing wireless presentations from tablets, phones and laptops with cables available in the table-top cable cubby for conventional connectivity. The displays also have built-in PCs so no device is needed at all, presentations and other files can be uploaded from portable drives or downloaded from the cloud and displayed.

Collaborating with others who are not on-site is made easy with built-in cameras and microphones along with the room PCs making video conferencing a couple of clicks away, with camera angles and microphone levels all handled automatically. Sharing documents and files is facilitated by the conferencing software and users can view their own content on one display while the remote participants and their content is displayed on the 2nd screen.

Whiteboards remain popular tools for brainstorming and visualising group ideas, the TEC room boasts an innovative ‘Kaptivo’ board, a whiteboard with a camera that digitizes the drawn image so that it can be shared live with remote participants and/or saved to an image file to share with anyone during or after the meeting leaving no need for attendees to frantically capture the content on their phones while focused on the live discussion.

A digital whiteboard is also one of the many features of the 65? Clevertouch interactive display in the TEC room. The multi-touch screen allows finger or pen interaction with the on-board features of the PC or the Android operating systems.

Want to hold a standing meeting? The TEC room has a height adjustable table for standing meetings up to six people.

With one touch video/audio recording this room won’t quite think for you, but it will ensure all your ideas are captured for post-meeting review.

Need instant support? The TEC room table-top touch screen control allows one button help-desk video calls for immediate visible technician support, with remote management the technician can operate the room systems to get your meeting back on track with the minimum of disruption.

The in-house technicians are always on hand to demonstrate the room controls and provide a comprehensive description of its full functionality.

Why did we create the TEC room? Because we value the feedback of users to help us continuously develop the technology in all our meeting rooms to match and adapt to our users needs.

For more information and how to book, please click here.

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