Technology Masterclass Round-Up

Author 1Wimpole St Team

Clock March 31, 2017

Imagine being able to easily and instantly collect valuable market research from your target market. As event organisers we are uniquely placed to gather such valuable data. However often the furthest research goes is a satisfaction survey at the end of the event.

Whether it’s feedback on your latest product, or insights into the future of your industry, your event’s audience is a gold mine of data that you may be missing out on. And so the value of data and ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ was the topic of choice for our recent Technology Masterclass.

Speaking at the event were Lumi, experts in audience insight technology. Head of Sales and Marketing, Rob Curtis, and Head of Innovation Iain Wallace, explored the various methods available to collect rich data insights from event audiences, as well as the powerful uses for such data.

Lumi broke down the methods for data collection into three main categories: In-Room, Mobile and Social ‘Community’. Across these 3 categories event organisers are presented with a range of interesting and exciting methods to reach live and online delegates.

View our links below to watch a recording of the Masterclass, view Rob and Iain’s Slide Decks and read a full summary of the Q&A session.

Whether you’re collecting in-room responses, such as on our own audience response handsets, or monitoring a worldwide social community, we hope that the presentation inspires you to collect more audience data at your future events.

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