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Author 1Wimpole St Team

Clock April 25, 2019

There’s rarely anything that gets people talking at an event more than the food. And how it tastes usually sets the tone for how your event goes on to be discussed.

So why would you want to leave your event – and its food, of course – open to being described in less than appetising terms, when it could be spoken of in a singularly tasty, mouth-watering, or lip-smackingly delicious manner?

It’s a no-brainer to us too. That’s why our chefs take special pride in every single dish they make, for every single event: large or small.

We freshly and fairly source all our ingredients – and they come from British growers wherever possible. We also pay particular attention to the provenance of our fish, cheese, meat, and even our tea and coffee, so you know it’s as trustworthy as it is tasty. Now that’s food for thought.

What types of menu do you offer?

You have the choice of several menus to suit the style and time of your event. For example:

We can also provide:

  • Special conference menus featuring slow-release and ‘brain food’ options
  • Accompanying drinks and wine lists
  • Various mid-morning and afternoon refreshment options

Catering to the highest expectations

Our team of chefs prepare all our dishes on the premises and devote as much attention to a breakfast for conference guests as they do to an intimate dinner party.

The range of menus we offer has been carefully designed to answer the occasion, whether it’s creative canapé for an exclusive reception, or unhurried lunch for 300 delegates with limited to spare.

Our catering team are always happy to provide vegetarian dishes, and cater for special dietary requirements too if you need us to. Just say the word, and our experienced chefs will whip up the rest.

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