Virtual events have been increasing in popularity in the recent years but have struggled to take centre stage in the event space despite growing concern over CO2 responsibility, carbon footprints and Climate Change.

With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus crippling the face to face events business for medium to large attendee numbers, there is an ever-growing need to take a different approach to events. Numerous largescale events were the first to take the hit, with MWC Barcelona (formerly Mobile World Congress) being the largest shock, fairly early on into the Coronavirus issue. It is becoming increasingly difficult to justify assembling large groups of people at an onsite event and in many countries in Europe there is government direction not to convene where the virus could spread.

There is no better time to explore the alternative event delivery methods.

Hybrid Events” is the work around for Coronavirus, these events combine a “live” in-person event with a “virtual” online component. They often use live streams, but also use various other conference audio visual facilities in order to make the event as immersive as possible, even from across the globe. This can be a great option for a spectrum of events, yet the recent Event Manager’s Blog research stated that only 33% of marketers have hosted a virtual event. Out of all those that did, 70% of respondents said that they plan to host more of them.

More and more companies are taking this alternative stance in the current atmosphere of uncertainty whilst attempting to maintain “business as normal”. The Armani Fashion Show was live streamed in Milan, Salesforce has made their world tour an entirely digital experience and the Premier League released a statement that matches could be held behind closed doors and broadcasted as was evident in Italy’s equivalent football league Serie A. But virtual events aren’t just reserved for companies with millions to spend, they are more accessible than you might think. Virtual events rely on strong conference audio visual facilities, which you can often find at venues such as 1 Wimpole Street.

There are many benefits to live streaming such as:

  • there is real-time engagement between multiple people at multiple sites
  • live streaming platforms are affordable
  • significantly less than the cost of producing a large-scale event
  • takes less time to produce
  • the market isn’t overcrowded yet
  • live streaming services allow you to reach highly targeted audiences

In addition, one of the key benefits to virtual meetings are the “Green credentials” with a contribution to carbon footprint reduction and a more sustainable impact on the environment. These types of platform are one of the easiest and most effective ways that businesses can be eco-conscious by hosting more virtual meetings.

Are you reconsidering hosting a future event due to Coronavirus? Have you considered live-streaming facilities?

1 Wimpole Street, winners of Hire Space Awards ‘Best all round use of Technology’, can easily and cost-effectively live-stream from any of the three purpose built conference auditoriums, so you can stream your event via the internet to a national or global audience. Our audio-visual facilities can bring your event to life and you don’t need to be a technical whizz to make the most of our high-spec AV technology during your event.  Another option to consider is that the conference is filmed, recorded and edited by our AV team at 1 Wimpole Street for you to deliver at your chosen time.

1 Wimpole Street is owned by the Royal Society of Medicine, a not for profit charity wholly concerned with medical education.  All profits are re-invested into the charity and as such the constant investment in AV hardware and software is always going to be a differentiator that sets us apart from the competition exampled by the installation of three new AJA HELO  units. HELO is AJA’s powerful H.264 streaming and recording stand-alone appliance. HELO brings both SDI and HDMI I/O into a single appliance with the ability to simultaneously stream out to your Content Delivery Network (CDN) as well as encode and record beautiful H.264 files to either SD, SDHC or SDXC cards, USB storage or NFS or CIFS mounted network based storage simultaneously.

“When events present a risk to public health or the environment, the resourcefulness and innovation of event planners will be tested” Event Managers Blog. Virtual events offer a solution to the challenge that COVID-19 has presented the events world. Remember – Keep Calm, Keep Streaming!

If you’re still not convinced, talk to our team and find out more! Or if you’re concerned about your upcoming event and want to know more about how virtual events can help you, get in touch with our friendly team today. Contact our Venue Sales and Events Office at or call 020 7290 2951.

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