Cutting-edge audio visual solutions for your conference

If it wasn’t already obvious, at 1 Wimpole Street we’re pretty big on all things audio visual. It’s why we’ve invested in the very latest audiovisual equipment for our conference auditoriums, for example.

But with so much new tech to choose from…you might not really know what audio visual equipment best suits you and your conference. If that’s the case, don’t sweat it – we’re here to guide you through.

To start with, we’ve broken all our AV equipment down into 3 helpful categories:

1. equipment to help your presenters

2. equipment to help achieve your conference objectives

3. equipment you can hire for additional impact

Each category is explored in more detail below. So skip right on and start narrowing down the AV doodaas that are most useful to you.

1. Audio visual solutions for your presenters

Without your presenters, you wouldn’t have much of a conference to begin with. So we’ve thoughtfully built in a host of audio visual and staging features just for them:

  • A minimalist, flexible stage. It has plenty of space for your speakers to move or use a lectern as they wish, so they’re totally comfortable however they want to present.
  • A wireless clicker for slide presentations. So they can move around and be mobile whilst presenting, for the same reason as above. You don’t need us to tell you, a happy presenter equals a happy event organiser!
  • Confidence monitors so they can see what their audience sees. Instead of breaking eye contact to turn around every other slide, they can engage directly with the audience in front of them.

If your conference is in the Guy Whittle or Naim Dangoor auditorium, your presenters will also have access to:

  • A dedicated prep area with a live auditorium feed. So they’re fully with the programme by the time it’s their turn to go onstage. Plus, it gives them an element of VIP treatment, and who doesn’t love that?

2. Audio visual equipment to meet your aims

So now you know your speakers’ needs will be taken care of. But what about yours? Well, our auditoriums also offer plenty of conference audiovisual solutions with event organisers like you in mind.

For example, all 3 auditoriums are fitted with:

  • Wireless LED lighting that can match absolutely any colour. So you can fully brand your conference and perfectly tie in with the overall theme of the day.
  • An assisted listening system. So you can ensure that delegates who need hearing support don’t get left behind.
  • High speed wi-fi throughout the auditorium, and the rest of our building. So there’s plenty of bandwith for us to run all your important conferencing apps, while your delegates and presenters tweet, email, and browse to their hearts’ content…even using multiple devices. You’re welcome.
  • An AV control room/desk. It’ll be manned (or womanned) by a dedicated member of our in-house AV team, to control your screens, lighting, video recording, and sound as required. Because everyone deserves a personal techie whizz.

If you’re in the Guy Whittle Auditorium, you’ll also have the option to use:

  • An Ultra High Definition 4K projector. Displaying imagery so bright and crisp, seeing images on our 4K projector will make you’ll feel like you’ve just put glasses on for the first time. It’ll let you project onto the entire back wall and display multiple slides simultaneously – for example, social media feeds, branding, speaker details – meaning your delegates get a more enjoyable and immersive experience overall.
  • A cabled surround sound system with sub-woofer. In non techie-speak, that means you’ll have zero sound interference for your whole session, and full audibility throughout the auditorium.
  • Remote cameras with a 360 view. So you can live stream your conference and open it up to a global audience of thousands

The Max Rayne and Naim Dangoor auditoriums also include:

  • A common-sense PA system. So you can transmit crystal-clear sound throughout the auditorium. Simply speak or play a track to use – no fiddly button-pressing required.

3. Audio visual equipment you can hire from us

As if that wasn’t enough, you can hire additional conference audio visual equipment from the table below for even more impact.

Click below to view our AV rate card

What’s the tech? How can you use it?
Audio recording facilities Maybe you’d like to keep a permanent record of your conference for posterity. Perhaps you want to play it back to people who couldn’t make it on the day. Or maybe you’ll have a camera crew, who’ll need high-quality audio to complement their video footage. No matter why you need great audio recording, we can do it for you. You even have the option to record a live podcast, and make your discussion available for ears everywhere.
Microphones Of course you already know what a microphone’s used for, so we’ll spare you the description. But if you’re expecting a lively Q&A discussion, or you’ll have multiple key speakers, or don’t fancy a lone roving mic going up and down the room…you can hire additional mics from us. Just saying.
Communications and Engagement
Handheld audience response units Collect insights and engage even your shyest audience members with our nifty response units. All comments, votes, questions, and thoughts are shared directly from their seats to your presentation screen, so you can easily refer back to them when you want, without a blush in sight.
Interactive audience response App powered by Slido Make social sharing and audience participation right into your event with Slido, our interactive event app. Your delegates can make comments, ask questions, share sound bites, and even create trends, all in real time – while you can maximise the insights you capture and really build a connection with everyone who’s in the room. We call that a win-win.
Staging and Branding
Bespoke staging and branding solutions We offer varied staging and conference audio visual solutions, so you can really make our auditoriums feel like your own. These include:
custom branded lecterns, to tie in with custom coloured lighting
optional top table on stage – which can be removed with 24hrs notice if required
stage set with LED lighting – for a unique onstage look and feel
simultaneous translation – if your conference will be held in multiple languages
additional AV technicians – to give you a helping hand on the day and save you having to wrangle with technical equipment
Live and on-demand video streaming Make your event available to an online audience using our live-streaming equipment. Live streaming lets your viewers watch your event in real time, while on-demand streaming lets you upload a pre-recorded video to Vimeo or YouTube and stream to viewers to watch post-event. If you’re planning to talk about your event for some time to come, a live stream can really make a difference to its lifespan.
Video/audio link from another auditorium Expand the size of your audience by setting up a live video/audio link between our other conference auditoriums. We can link all three auditoriums together if you wish, to give you a combined audience of 500+ people.
Video conferencing Ensure non-attendees can still be part of your conference by linking to them with our video conferencing equipment. It’s also a great solution if you’re trying to save on travel and hotel costs.
Video recording Take home a seamless, slick video with the help of our expert team. They’ll record and fully edit your event into a promotional video that you can add to your website, upload online, use to impress stakeholders and investors… The possibilities are endless.
Conference catering to complement your audio visual offering

Technical wizardry has a way of making an audience hungry. So if your delegates are likely to get peckish while they’re with us, we offer a range of conference catering, including seasonal hot fork buffets, a catering-only package and an all-inclusive Daily Delegate Rate package. Either the Cavendish Room or Max Rayne Atrium can be booked as separate catering spaces, subject to your numbers.

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