The Royal Society of Medicine at 1 Wimpole Street

If you’ve been casting your eagle-eye over our website so far, you’ll know that we mention the Royal Society of Medicine (the RSM) a fair bit. Our building has been home to the RSM since 1912, following the merger of 17 specialist medical societies in 1907.

Since then, 1 Wimpole Street has been at the forefront of several key medical developments, such as malaria research and the first recorded growth of human cancer. We were even used as a venue for doctors to provide emergency medical assistance during World War I. You can read more about the RSM and what they do on the official RSM website.

It’s now over 100 years since the RSM first moved in, and our ties with them remain as close as ever. The RSM is a leader in continuing education for medical professionals, so our auditoriums, meeting rooms, and training room are often used by them for workshops and seminars. It also explains our commitment to having the most cutting-edge audio visual technology in every room, so we can show even complex surgical procedures in full HD clarity.

But if you’re a non-medical event organiser, don’t fret! You can take advantage of all our rooms and leading AV equipment just the same as if you were hosting an RSM event. From business meetings and retail conferences, to private dinner events and product launches, you’ll have the full benefit of all our events expertise and facilities – even without a single stethoscope in sight.

To find out more about holding your event with us, medical or otherwise, take a look at our conference rooms, meeting rooms, or event and exhibition space pages. Or, contact us to have a member of the team call you straight back. Isn’t it great when a plan comes together?

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