1 Wimpole Street Expands Free WiFi In Response To Demand

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Clock March 31, 2017

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Once a luxury, readily available high speed Wi-Fi is now a necessity at events with the majority of attendees bringing a smart phone, if not a tablet and laptop, to the venue. Gone are the days when attendees would wait until they were back in the office to check their inbox – they want to update blogs, check Twitter feeds and send emails on the move.

Unfortunately, many venues and event planners are now having to play catch up, unable to meet the demand of the sometimes hundreds of devices wanting to get online at the same time.

Poor Wi-Fi will reflect badly on your event and brand, and can often ruin what is otherwise a highly successful day. It can limit interactivity, productivity and attendance, with some deciding to leave the venue early to find better connectivity elsewhere. Depending on your venue, you may have to pay a hefty additional fee to get the Wi-Fi you need.

When working out the requirements of your event, it’s worth bearing in mind the following:

  • How many people will be attending the event? And how many devices do you think each of them will bring?
  • How many attendees will want to be online at the same time? It is likely that attendees of a digital marketing conference will want to be connected at all times, whereas the demand may be less for an event on the subject of beekeeping.
  • Where will people be using Wi-Fi? Will they expect to be able to get online in all areas of the venue? Would you prefer to limit use to the lobby so attention is not diverted during the conference itself?
  • What will the Wi-Fi be used for? Are you actively encouraging attendees to use their devices during the conference?

Here at 1 Wimpole Street we are proud to be able to offer high-quality, uninterrupted wireless connectivity for delegates. To meet an increased demand we upgraded our capabilities in 2013, ensuring that our visitors stay connected.

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